Frequently Asked Questions

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When do I use Dew North?

You can use dew north’s facial serum 1-2 times a day. Apply 2-3 drops to your hand morning and/or night, or directly to your face and massage on face and neck until absorbed.

How long does it take to start to notice a change?

You will notice a difference right away in how your skin feels (smooth, soft, moisturized) right away, but we do recommend giving your skin 2-3 weeks before you will notice a change in any scarring, acne, irritations and or evenness.

Will this help with my acne and acne scarring?

Yes! Dew North’s Facial Serum contains four crucial  ingredients that help heal, fight and reduce your risk of acne. Our Natural ingredients such as Lavender oil, Borage oil, Argan oil and Vitamin E oil all help fight and prevent acne, heal acne scarring, and reduce redness caused from scarring, active acne, rosacea, psoriasis and Eczema!

Will this make my oily skin worse?

Contrary to popular belief, moisturizing oily skin with oil helps slow your skin’s oil production. When you have oily skin it usually means your skin is trying to balance out the pH levels. We suggest for best results, using only a light cleanser to wash the face of any makeup, and then apply our serum. That’s it! When using Dew North’s Serum the ingredients are hand picked to help balance the pH, soothe skin and restore moisture all without clogging pores. Results are best when you use a simple skin care routine.

Can I use Dew North before my makeup?

Yes of course! Apply 2-3 drops before applying foundation, or for that extra ‘Dewy’ look, mix directly with foundation!

How can Dew North’s Facial Serum help me avoid wrinkles?

Our serum contains Vitamin E oil which is known for its amazing anti-aging properties. Alongside Vitamin E, we’ve added Pumpkin Seed oil which helps restore plumpness in skin and increase firmness in your skin. Apply 2-3 drops to the entire face and neck, and feel free to add more to target specific areas!

Can Dew North’s Facial Serum fix my uneven skin tone?

Yes! Our serum is amazing for evening your skin tone. Our hand picked blend of ingredients all have many benefits! One of them being reducing redness, and evening your skin tone.

How do I know this product is good for my skin type?

Dew North’s Facial Serum is made for any and all skin types!

How do I find out my skin type?

Typically there are normal, oily, dry and sensitive skin types. If you have combination skin it just means your skin is one type in one area and another type in another area. Keep in mind that your skin is constantly changing, affected by factors such as hormones, medications, diet, and/or environment. To get a good idea of what your skin type is, wash it gently and leave it for 2-3 hours product free. Observe the skin and the different areas to see the changes. You know your skin the best. Pay attention to changes in your skin to better understand what works for your skin and what doesn’t. Everyone is different!

Will this product work with sensitive skin?

Yes! Absolutely. Dew North’s Facial Serum is made to work with any and all skin types, including sensitive skin. Check out some of our testimonials to hear what people with sensitive skin have to say!